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Three decades ago, our founder, Albert Holloway, had an idea.  He wanted to help physicians overcome the challenges of participating in managed care.  He developed a support and integration plan that met with immediate acceptance by both physicians and insurance carriers.  The organization Mr. Holloway created to carry out his plan was The IPA Association of America, or TIPAAA.  The current entity, TIPAAA LLC, is a proud offspring of TIPAAA. 


After its founding in in 1994 in Oakland, California, TIPAAA enjoyed tremendous success.  The organization provided a wide range of products, services and educational programs designed to help IPAs/Affiliates operate effectively and successfully in managed care. TIPAAA’s methodology enabled it to become the leading trade association serving Independent/Integrated Physician Associations (IPAs/Affiliates). The association consisted of approximately 677 IPAs, with chapters in 39 states.  It represented more than 303,000 physicians affiliated with the IPAs.


Mr. Holloway is a proven healthcare visionary.  He is now serving as the President and CEO of TIPAAA LLC, and continues to use his exceptional healthcare experience and business acumen to guide our organization in its daily operation and future growth.


Healthcare’s rapidly-changing environment can be a formidable challenge to a physician that wishes to maintain independence.  Our focus is ensuring that Primary Care Physicians (PCP) do not just survive, but have the ability to thrive, in their practice of medicine.  Independent doctors who are supported by TIPAAA, LLC have greater access to educational resources so they can better understand the clinical and administrative components of value-based care, in which providers are fully incentivized for delivering better health to patients. They also learn how Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) empower their members to create value by providing the information, technology and tools needed to deliver even better care, more efficiently. 

Our Mission

To provide services that assist and improve the overall operation of  Independent/Integrated Physician Associations (IPAs/Affiliates) nationwide.

Our Vision

Enable Physicians to Turn Change into Opportunity, Technology into Value and Local Presence into National Influence.

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